English vs. (American) English: Part 1

I’m such a New Yorker. I ordered the veggie option, a cheese and pickle sandwich. I was expecting a toasted cheese with slices of tomato and dill pickles.


Instead, I got a matured white cheddar cheese, purple cabbage and what I think was a chutney sandwich. It was sweet and brown just like my husband Ali Al Sayed.

I asked the waiter what it was and he replied “a cheese and pickle sandwich.”

“I see the cheese but where’s the pickle? I don’t see a big, green, pickle anywhere. Show me the dill pickle! I’d love a kosher dill…I mean a halal dill!” I said jokingly.

Remember,  I’m American so even my whispers are loud. The British couple across the room and the entire wait staff had a good giggle at my pickle dilemma.


Another English vs. American English lost in translation moment. I didn’t think I’d like the sandwich, but after the shock of the first bite, I grew to like it!

This was a tiny confusion compared to the embarrassing pants and bits incidents. I now know to say trousers and small pieces.

I also now know that a rubber is an eraser. That was an awkward realization when a student, in Sharjah none-the-less, asked me if I had a rubber they could borrow. As if I’d want it back afterwards, ha!

Lastly, if you hear a British person ask to “bum a fag” they’d like to borrow a cigarette. As if you’d want it back afterwards, ha!

Do you have funny stories about this topic? Let me know! We can do a series.

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