Dubai Love Story

It’s quite common to be asked a series of questions when first meeting people in Dubai. The typical interrogation starts with these 6 questions.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. No, you know, where are you from, from?
  3. What do you do for a living?
  4. Are you married?
  5. (If yes) How did you meet?
  6. (If you’re in a mixed-marriage) What did your families say?

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s focus on number 5 and 6 today. Now, there’s my version and then there’s his version. 


The first night I moved to Dubai I had a gig in the desert. At that gig I met a guy who said “Wait, you moved here to build a comedy community? You need to meet my brother Ali. He’s into comedy too!” 

A month passed and I met an artist named Yafei. He ended up being good friends with Ali and said the same thing. A month later, another person! That’s three different people telling me I needed to meet this Ali guy. I mean, after the third time, I had to ask “is it odd or is it God?” Clearly our paths were meant to cross. 

Yafei ended up throwing Ali a surprise birthday party and insisted I come. I was unbelievably jet-lagged as I just flew back from New York but didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet this mystery man that everyone said I needed to meet. 

At long last we were introduced, shook hands and chatted about our love for comedy. Then an old school 90’s track by Arrested Development came on and we realized we were both classic hip-hop heads. 

We genuinely knew we had the same creative vision and decided to become business partners and founded Dubomedy in 2008. As our friendship grew, so did the love.

Though we came from very diverse cultural and religious backgrounds our similarities out-shined our differences. Both of our families could easily see the admiration, love, laughter and balance between us. They were happy because we were happy. 


And I quote, “we met through a mutual friend.”  

When story-telling he’s a man of many words, eh?

THE HAPPY ENDING (No, not that kind of happy ending!) 

Sense of humor, passion for giving back and 90’s hip hop is what sealed the deal for us! Okay fine, there was also a good amount of open mindedness, communication and honesty that locked our bond. What can I say? When you know, you know! 

We’ve been married for 5 1/2 years now. Despite its transient ways, Dubai is filled with great (and unexpected) love stories. I’m happy to say we’re one of them.

Here’s to laughter ever after!


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