Growing up with an Italian-American dad, my school lunch consisted of provolone sandwiches, olives, tomatoes, pasta salad, focaccia, and sometimes even a meatball sub! Though he’d always sneak in a sweet American treat; Nutty buddies!

Oh how I loved Little Debbie’s Nutty Buddies! They are wafer cookies with layers of peanut butter covered with chocolate. What’s not to like?

Every year when I go to New York to visit my dad we buy a box, bust them open and reminisce about the “good ole’ days” as he likes to call them. This year, thanks to the ‘rona, I sadly wasn’t able to visit him.

For my birthday, he decided to surprise me and ship a big box of Little Debbie’s Nutty Buddies to the UAE! Best gift ever!

I thought it would be nice to do a birthday giveaway and pay the huge smile my Dad gave me forward to YOU!

To enter the draw to win a box of Nutty Buddies:

  1. Head to Instagram and follow @minaliccione
  2. Tag a friend you’d like to share your Nutty Buddies with! Perhaps a friend whose a little nutty!

I’ll announce the winner at the end of the week and have them delivered to your home!

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with Little Debbie’s Nutty Buddies they just make me smile, bring back loads of childhood memories and are very hard to find outside of the USA.

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